Psychic Attack by Voices

I had recently been making much improvement with learning to be desensitized to these menacing voices that I hear constantly. I was at a point where I was becoming so distracted by my day to day life that on some days, I barely took notice of the voices at all and had more or less consigned them to the background. It has recently been the time of year when I am most busy with my job, so I’m certain that being so distracted with my work also helped me to distract myself from hearing these voices. However, my busiest time of year with my job can also cause me additional stress and aggrevation……..negative emotions essentially.
While for a time, being so distracted with my job assisted me in tuning out these disturbing voices, when my job started to cause me allot of stress and aggravation recently, it seems like the voices sensed an opportunity to take advantage of this situation and proceeded to more or less “go on the attack” essentially, and escalate their level of abuse against me.
That the strength of the voices and the effect that they can have on me is very much tied into my emotional state, of this I have no doubt. If I am distressed over some issue in my day to day life, the voices will always take the opportunity to kick me when I’m down so to speak. Recently, these tormenting voices have been effecting me in a negative way to a greater degree than I’d experienced in many months. What it has essentially reaffirmed to me is…….don’t let your guard down. “They” can be ever so tenacious. Often is the morning that I awake and within a few moments, I hear a voice and I think to myself “I can’t believe this is still going on”. Part of me has already moved away from it all and continues to move away. But they can be very tenacious. They will employ whatever means they can to cause disruption.
I am weathering the storm of this most recent escalation. I have come a long way since this all began for me. I have learned much and will put what I have learned to good use. This storm will subside and I will carry on with my life and again enjoy the things I once enjoyed.

In the second month of my personal dabbling with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) the whole nature of my experience began to change. Where as the initial first month of my expermimentation had seemed like a wonderous and benevolent experience, all of that suddenly began to change. Looking back now, by the second month, I had allowed myself to get pulled in too deep into all of this. I had opened doors that we are never meant to be opening. While during the first month, I had heard nothing but kind and benevolent voices on my recordings, during the second month I began to hear malevolent and threatening voices showing up. The situation began to deteriorate by the day. As strange and far out as this sounds, one morning I went into work as normal and found that there was a voice mail on our answering machine. There was nothing unusual about this of course, but when I played the message, I was extremely disturbed to find that it was an embedded EVP from none other than these same malevolent voices that had recently been appearing on my EVP recordings. The message was:

“we’re coming for you”

I admit, I was shaken by this. As naive as I was when I first started doing EVP, I never imagined that it would lead to a situation where “the unknown” forces that I had been communicating with would be stalking me and intruding into my personal life like this. This was a lesson that I had to learn the hard way. By simply recording with the intent to communicate with or hear spirits, I had put out an open invitation. In the dimensions that overlap our physical plane here on Earth, I had opened up my front door and turned on a big neon WELCOME sign. I invited the unknown and the unseen into my home and my life and now that life would never be the same.

My situation escalated even further when I began hearing these malevolent voices with just my naked ears. I would especially hear them coming in / ricocheting off of existing steady background sounds. This did not seem like some mere though eleborate trick of the mind, when I say that I heard them clearly like this, it was exactly that. I remember on one occasion, hearing them like this and a menacing voice said to me:

“We can see you, we can hear you, and we can feel you”

right then, I began to feel a strange vibration sensation on my body.

As the days went by, the menacing voices were also accompanied by more of these strange physical sensations. One of the more disturbing occurances began to happen to me at night for about a week straight in early March of 2015. Everynight as I just went to bed, trying to get to sleep, I began to feel what I can only describe as literally a finger coming up out of the mattress and poking me (painfully) in my lower back. I would jump out of bed in a panic, calm down, go back to bed, but there it was again. The intent of this was clear, to freak me out and prevent me from keeping to a normal sleep routine, essentially wearing me down both physically and mentally so that I was susceptible to the more disturbing events that were to follow.

The entire month of March was a month of escalation. With each day these strange and paranormal occurances increased in number. I began to hear these voices speaking to me over sources of steady background noise. I vividly recall that on numerous occassions, while I was at my desk at work using my computer, these menacing voices would literally harass me all day long over the noise of the computer tower. I also remember instances of these voices emerging from my car stereo, the noise of the engine and my television. Once, when something went wrong with my television and the snowy and loud white noise blared, it was like the room came alive with voices and the white noise gave them the ability to be heard louder. Any type of fan especially seemed to be a means by which these voices could make themselves heard louder. I remember one summer night, laying in my bed, my ceiling fan running over head when a female voice clearly and distinctivly spoke and said:

“I haven’t had a body for 130 years”

Running water was also a means for these malevolent spirits to enhace their voices. Even taking a shower became an agonizing ordeal as they would torment me through the sound of the running water. For several weeks, I simply would take baths, leaving the room while the bath tub filled with water, to get far away from the sound of their voices coming in over the running water. I only then had to face the loud onslaught when dashing into the bathroom to quickly shut off the water.

I remember several occassions as well when I would be driving with either the heater or air conditioner running in my car and clear voices would emerge over the sound of the noise. I remember hearing my name being spoken on several occasions. It seemed that pretty much anything that made a steady sound could be manipulated by these spirits into voices that could be heard louder. Once the source of the background noise was eliminated, the strength of the voices would be reduced considerably, often to a mere whisper. One thing I observed is that when the background noise is cut off suddenly, it will usually cut these spirits off in mid-speech (at least in hearing them loudly). They never seem to anticipate this in advance. Science (however fringe) is still prevailing here.

Another experience that I had (as did others I’ve met that have also experienced this type of voice-based psychic attack) is what we call “the Stadium Effect”. On a number of occasions when I would be out doors during a particularly windy day or a heavy rain. I would experience this terrifying phenomenon where it seemed like there were thousands of voices all heckling and mocking me at once. It literally seemed as if an entire sports stadium was shouting at me all at once, hence we came to refer to it as the “stadium effect.”


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