WEIRD things I do when im alone?!

Well there’s nothing particular or super weird thing that i do when im alone..

Weird things i found myself doing when im alone is overthinking. Thinking of things that so nonsense and kinda out of this world or thinking of how to solve a problem thats not even there in the first place,,hahaha i dont know why, but i think thats part of my daily life.. So when im alone i usually just sit and stare at something and then my mind will start to fly, to think of things thats not worth thinking.. Then sometimes I will stare at the mirror and look at my eyes then ask myself, is this really me or why am i in this body? Then i’ll laugh and get freaked out..hahaha

Or sometimes when im alone in my room i will read a book get lost in it for a while, then a thought suddenly pop in my mind then i’ll think but while thinking i still continue to read the book that im holding, change the page go a little further but i didnt even understand what is happening on the story..haist..


So as of now these are the things that im doing when im alone! 😉




2 thoughts on “WEIRD things I do when im alone?!”

  1. Wow we’re twins because I do all of that too!

  2. Wew.. Atleast now I know Im not alone in this weirdness..Hello there twin!!

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