I forgot to write yesterdays entry but it’s to late now lol. Today was good. I woke up sore from yesterday so my body hurt. Me and my girlfriend went through a lot yesterday but we pulled out together because thats how much I love her ^ω^. I had a great start in the morning because my babe called me and I got super happy. We talked all throughout the day and that was great ♡. After I just ate breakfast and I played battlefield 3 for a couple hours, but I had to get ready because I had gig’s today with my band. Part of the reason I wanted a ps3 was so I could play with my girlfriend. She’s a gamer so we can play every night(shes better than me but I don’t like to admit it lol). I really didn’t like life before I met her. But she changed my life.  It’s because of her that I wake up every day. It’s because of her that Im working hard so that we can live a wonderful life together. I want to make her happy every single day, I love her, I love her so much^ω^

That’s it for tonight, tomorrow I have school but I get to see her and I can’t wait to give her a big hug and kisses 

Goodnight cx

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