A depressing week and what happened to the good times?


I guess the stress of the week caught up with me. The string of tragic events plus my own thoughts of how when things were better. I used to swim every summer at a friend’s house but three years ago they moved to another house without a pool b/c they wanted to “simplify”. They had three dogs and while I house sat, I could swim with the dogs all I wanted without others around….nice wooden fence to block peepers. Now if I want to swim, I have to go to a public pool which is dirtier and I tell you, some weird ppl hang out at these pools. People didn’t used to look so weird but now they do. What a weird way to express their looks. Tattoos everywhere, shaved heads, etc. I have no privacy. Can’t even swim normally without fear of running into someone especially at the wave pool with all those donut floats in the pool. 

I used to go to the woods with this good friend but since her inlaws died and the inlaws son took over we don’t go to the property. Had a great lake and a paddle boat. Once i got to ride their ATV. Also went to another place that had cabins, clean and …..expensive and then they had to get fancier and fancier. More cabins and all these fancy events and it’s turning into a fancy resort…..please please, I don’t need bells and whistles or cable TV or a DVR or wifi. I could stay at home and get the same ‘fun’. I just want to enjoy nature, not bring all the technology with me. I miss those times in the woods. Breathing what fresh air is left. Sitting out on the table or fire pit and eating a snack. The best times. People laughing and bonding, not staring into the stupid cell phones, (rude, rude, rude.)

I just want a decent good time.

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