I’m getting worse

Every day gets worse and I cant do anything about it.

Because now my dreams are getting worse and I’m terrified to sleep.

Because now I sit in class with sweaty palms, my blood feeling like lava with a sore head and the room spins and I am trying to gasp for breathe because all I’m thinking about is the dreams.

Because now I lay awake at night with suicide on my mind and tears streaming down my face because I know I’m not good enough.

Because now I skip meals because I know I’m too fat and because I fear if people see me eat they’ll judge me.


I just want to not feel pain and be happy.

One thought on “I’m getting worse”

  1. Darling, what is it you feel you are not good enough for? Your parents? Friends? You are a teenager and your main job is to get through the teenage years. You will feel more stable in a few years. Do eat. Don’t worry what people will think. Your life is much more important than what people think. God wants you to love yourself and take care of yourself. Each night before you go to sleep, PRAY for good dreams or no dreams. Ask God to guard you all night long. Then again in the morning, pray for His protection and grace. He loves you. And He is the only one who REALLY knows you. Not even your parents know you or love you like Jesus does. Let Him in. I will be praying for you.

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