Isle of The Palms

A whole aggravating day of frustration, failure, and panic washed away in one beautiful moment. Determination paid off ten fold. The reward was a simple one. Walking through the warm grains of sand, spotting sea shells, salty wind wisping at my skin, a mile wide smile stretch out on The Man’s face. The waves crashed and roared on to the beach. The water looked so inviting. The sun beginning to set, casting a golden glow throughout out the sky. The journey was trying and at times we wanted to give up, but Isle of the Palms was so worth it.

2 thoughts on “Isle of The Palms”

  1. Oh were you at Isle of Palms, South Carolina? It has changed tremendously through the years, a big tourist destination now…but Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island are so special to me!
    Enjoy the ocean my dear!

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