She left.

 She left.

Without a goodbye. Not a tear was shed for what used to be. The last hope to rid us of the distance died that night.

It died that night with her. 

In that room.

In that hospital.

Her disease took her and her pride kept my goodbye from me. 

I’m sorry for your loss they said. You know she loved you they said. 

I don’t believe them. 

She hated me. I was a pawn in her game for years. That love they spoke of was one-sided. My love for her knew no bounds no distance. The moment my eyes found hers a place in my heart built towers and monuments dedicated to her. 

The monuments and towers still remain and my mind wonders them aimlessly remembering the lies and hurt over and over again. 

My mother died hating me. She died knowing i hated her.

I cry like the small child I once was hoping she would come comfort me. 


I cry. 

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