The Weekend

Sunday, June 19th, 2016 11:33pm, home

Friday was a pretty good day. I met Kelly at OBC at 9.  We caught up and then trekked to south O to get her tire fixed. When we got back to OBC, Harry was there with his daughter so we sort of half worked, half socialized.  Kelly left around 12:30.  After that I ran home to get everything I needed for the evening.  I then went and did my Jessie’s Girls work out at HPER.  Then I went back to OBC to swim in the inflatable pool on the back deck. Farrah and Nick were there.  I then left and went to the Gifford Park Farmer’s Market.  At first I was really upset because Chelsea played her keyboard and not the ukulele and I was thrown.  But I got over it and it went well.  I went back to OBC for a minute before meeting Michelle Miller at Benson Brewery.  Sarah, Scott, Jed and Todd were there.  I met Michelle and we had pretty amazing conversation.  She is extremely insightful.  I felt really understood.

Saturday  morning I went to Susi’s class at OYBC.  It was amazing.  The focus was neuroplasticity to lower pitta.  I moved through it entranced. Noticing every tight muscle with superman-like acuity.  After that I went home to get Gabe. We went to mom n dads to get the truck.  John and Judy were there and we gabbed for minute with Judy and mom. Judy is so great. We went to Maeve’s and got the kitchen cart and drove it back home.  I packed up and left and went to get Jason Thomas.  We got to the Cabin around 4.

It was sad to not have Elisabeth with us at the cabin this time. Her cat has pancreatitis and she had to stay with her. Travis brought his new girlfriend Jamie. It was good to get to know her a a little bit. Trilety and I took a really nice walk all the way around the lake in the almost full moon. I spent a lot of time reading my book about love addiction. It’s so good. It explains so much. I had taken the salmon steaks that KBAB sent and everyone loved them so much. That was a good call.

I got home from the cabin today around 12:30 and rested for a minute. Then I met Chelsea at the UNO library to study.  I got a couple extra credit assignments done.  We had fun chatting, of course and watching a live stream of her cousin Arianna doing a cabaret show in NYC.  I went home at 5, showered, and left with Gabe to go pick up his girlfriend, Susi. We went to Pizza Shoppe for dinner. Ran into Susi, Josh and Daisy there to hear a band of a friend of Daisy’s. After that we stopped by NG for some groceries and then to jones bros for cupcakes.  Needless to say I have eaten like total shit this weekend. Above and beyond total shit.  I took Susi home, dropped Gabe off and met Chelsea in the kitchen in the basement of Archetype.  I helped her pull stems out the damiana and Katelynn showed up later. Had a fantastic time chatting with both of them. FIN.

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