Week 1 Postpartum

Today was the first day it was just Charlie and I home. Alpha and Beta went to their other parents houses for the week and Mister went back to work. I loved the one on one time but I decided 8 weeks or so of being off work I will need to write so I don’t go crazy. I will have some visitors but I don’t talk to many people and I know I will be alone alot. I cried today because of how much I love Charlie and how perfect he is to me. Then I laughed because the hormones are crazy all over the place. I made dinner for Mister and while we ate he made a comment about how good food was and wishing he had a good job so I could stay home. Made me feel good inside. Like I am a pretty Rockstar mom and wife. It is hard at times working full time,raising kids, and keeping up with things but this day and age two income households seem to be the only way to survive. My boss text me about my vacation time we scheduled before my short term disability kicks in. It was weird but not out of my character I felt guilty for being off work and that I will be till mid August. As guilty as I feel this is my time to bond with Charlie and I’m going to take it and bond with my newest family member.

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