Day 9 – Sweet Surprise

Dear Ms. Cöt,

I was surprised with how the day ended and how sweet you’re spending more time with me than usual. Last week I barely talked to you, you should be a lot busier this week than last week, yet you’re talking to me? Don’t get me wrong, I like it a lot! That’s why it’s a sweet surprise. 🙂

I went on with my day doing the things I need to do, even though I got off track a bit, due to several unexpected guests, I was able to somehow still work and end my meeting with my client properly. Whew!

Just when I thought our conversation has already ended, you surprisingly messaged me again. You don’t update me with your usual stuff or anything you do after work, but today, you did. You even told me that you’ll talk to me again when you’re done with your grocery, and you actually did. It’s nice, but I’m used to you not paying attention to me and forgetting about replying to me after you do your errands or whatnot.

I was genuinely happy today. Our entire day was really a sweet surprise. And out of happiness, I told you, “I love you ^_^ <3 “

I was more surprised with your reply, it was like, you were waiting for me to randomly say that to you. Your reaction, something I have not received before. It’s nice.

But then again, who knows what will happen tomorrow, right? I’m just really glad that I’m receiving this much attention right now. But, I’ve learned my lesson, not get too affected by it, instead, appreciate it each day it happens.

I love you, Ms. Cöt. Thank you for today. I don’t wanna measure it and compare it to last week, all I know is that you’re being sweet now and I’m embracing it.

Rest well! I hope you’ll wake up feeling better.


Red Panda

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