Female takeover

Our Father’s day weekend trip home went off, for the most part, without any complications.  Golfing, drinking, grilling out, not much to complain about there.  Sunday I had the idea to bring my sister back home with me.  She’s got her college orientation/class registration this Thursday, and had intended just to come down for the day and drive home that night, but I thought she might have fun spending the week down here and getting acclimated to the city.


Paul drove the two of us home late Sunday night.  Monday morning I had to get up early as usual to go to work, but promised Kate (my little sister) we could do whatever she wanted that evening.  A few of my roommates had Monday off work, so I assured Kate she’d have people to drive her around if she needed anything.  I figured she’d have the day to veg out, watch TV, and nap.  When I got home that evening I found she’d been fawned over by several of my female roommates all day.  “Oh, your sister is soooooooooooooooo cute!” they chirped. Uh, sure.  They’d taken her out shopping, for mani/pedis, etc. 


My little sister isn’t over the top girly like some of the ladies I room with, so I figured she’d be plenty ready for a break having spent the day in feminine torment.  Apparently, I was wrong.  She’d been invited to join my female roommates for their weekly “Margarita Monday” ritual during which they watch trashy TV and drink girly cocktails.  This is the point where myself and the other guys either retreat downstairs or go out to a sports bar.  I was happy she was having fun and already making friends with some of the women she’ll share a campus with this next year.  That night Kate raved about how much fun she’d had, how awesome my roommates are, and how excited she is to move away from home in the fall.  I was glad she was at least making the most of her time down here and enjoying herself.


Today I came home to much the same.  She’d spent the day with a few of my roommates again and had made plans to go paint pottery that evening.  Now, I’m not one to mark my territory when I feel it’s being threatened, but thus far the only time I’ve spent with my sister is when we’re talking at night before bed (I made my bed up for her and am sleeping on the floor of my room).  Granted, I’m glad she’s having fun, and I don’t want to be a possessive ass, but I miss being her cool big brother who she actually wanted to spend time with.  I’m probably just being insufferably whiny, but I didn’t intend to have to schedule time with her when she came down here.


It probably is better this way, I suppose, rather than Kate being bored throughout the day and waiting for me to come home so she can do something.  I’m not trying to be selfish, though I know I am. In a way, this is good preparation for next year, when we’ll be at the same school.  I’m sure she’ll want ample space, understandably, so I’m sure I’ll just need to get used to it. 

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