Where to start?

The past 5 years alone…
I’ve been in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship.
Moved to another state to get away from it.
Found someone. Got married.
Only to get a TEXT that he wanted a divorce a month later.
Moved back to the state I am from.
Became a drug addict of sorts.
Almost died one night. Alone and high.
Got clean.
Moved back to the other state
Finalized my divorce to the scumbag
Finally met an amazing man who accepts me for me, damaged and all.

Let me break it down a little further.
Divorce was something I NEVER wanted to go through in my life. I wanted to marry once and that’s it. I was devastated when I found out my new husband couldn’t be a man. Stating…
” I can’t handle being military and a husband”
I moved back home to be with family in this hard time while trying to fix whatever I felt I had broken.
I pushed God far out of my life. Didn’t want Him around. Why would He allow divorce?
Started hanging with old friends and got mixed up in recreational (at first) use of drugs. One night sitting in my room alone I took too much. I couldn’t speak or move. I started hallucinating three dark figures surrounding me. I knew nothing more than to pray (in my head) at that very moment.
The whole time I THOUGHT I wanted to die until faced with death.
I passed out and woke up never happier to be alive.
I knew I needed change. I dropped my “friends” or rather they dropped me once I got clean.
Moved back out of state with a new attitude toward life.
God saved my life that night and I feel like I fought my own personal demons.

Today I’m living well and about to re-marry.

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