Day 10 – Things Are Better Now

Dear Ms. Cöt,

Today, you’re back to your usual routine, the morning message and then nothing after that. Anyway, I’m not that affected any more, I can’t say I’m not fully affected, but I’m not as affected as before. I’m able to accept things as it is with you.

And the highlight of my day is not about you, it’s about work and my team and me, need to perform the role of a better leader. I’m so pre-occupied by this work event that I really don’t feel like writing my journal. I just thought that it’s nice to end the count on 10, closing everything. Then I can start writing about other things I need to release from my heart.

This 10-day event of writing my journal about you and my love for you worked. It worked because I’ve also started reading the Bible as I write to you. And I hope that things will be better from here on now.

I’ll end it here, I’m too tired already. Plus, I’ve finally accepted our situation and setup. So I can only pray every single day to make us strong in heart and mind, discerning too when we need to run away instead of standing in front of temptations.

Can’t wait to see you soon! We have 1 more week and you’ll be here!

Love you,

Red Panda

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