Faking Confidence

I read somewhere that faking confidence is all you need to do to truly become confident because eventually you’ll start to believe what you’re telling yourself.

My self esteem has been pretty low and I’ve been feeling pretty shitty lately especially because it’s summer now and I have nothing to do, which makes me feel worthless and stuff. So I decided to make a list of people who inspire me to be more confident or just to generally be a better person.

1)Mitch Grassi (1/5 of Pentatonix, 1/2 of Superfruit)

I love her because I’ve seen her become more confident over the months that I’ve been obsessed *ahem* interested in her. You can literally see the progression of him finding himself and the freedom to express himself. One of his new year’s resolutions for 2014, I think, was to be more confident and he definitely has done that. Obviously she’s flawless and her style is the best, but she’s also genuinely caring and loves all of her fans. On top of that, have you seen her dance?

2) Arden Rose (youtuber, feminist)

Free the nipple, haha. Arden is amazing because she’s so open about herself online. She puts herself in a place of vulnerability but is totally ok with it because she is able to ignore any hate she gets and just focus on the positive. She inspires me to be ok with my body, but to also work towards a healthier lifestyle, which is something that I have yet to start doing.

3) Tana Mongeau (youtuber)

Another strong, female youtuber who is unashamed to be who she is. She doesn’t give a fuck about anyone’s opinions. I need to learn how to stop thinking so much about what others think of me and just be myself. The people who stick around are the people who I truly want to be friends with.

4) Zendaya (actress, feminist)

So there’s a trend in the people who I look up to. Zendaya is again an advocate for body positivity. I love how she calls out people who shame women for their bodies or how they dress. Women should be able to dress how they want without being slut shamed or judged by other women. Also, her style is the best and something that I aspire to have.

5) Scott Hoying (1/5 Pentatonix, 1/2 Superfruit)

I love Scott because he is just a big, cuddly noodle. He obviously loves his fans and cares deeply for all his friends. He’s also so creative and ambitious. To think that he put together Pentatonix as a 17 year old, just out of high school, is amazing. He didn’t go to college, like most people would expect, and instead followed his dreams. He, and the rest of Pentatonix, revolutionized acapella.

6) Palebluedreamer (author of scomiche fanfics on Wattpad)

Oh my god where do I even begin? Emily is so amazing. Her writing style is so fluid and beautifully crafted. I can’t even believe how well thought out her plots and character developments are. On top of that, the messages that she sends through her writing is inspirational. In Touch, her character Mitch taught me that going through depression is not my fault. It’s not something I can control. I can work to get through it but it may always be a part of me. And that’s totally ok. As long as I am willing to open up to people and not hide everything inside, then I’ll be ok. In The Watchmaker, so far I’ve learned to be free. Open myself to the light, meaning joy for me specifically. And to not overthink things so much. I shouldn’t get so trapped in myself that I forget about those around me.

So those are the people I can think of so far. I’m sure there’s tons more but my brain is tired so I’m gonna go. When I think of more I’ll update my list.

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