June 22, 2016 2

Had a strange and very lovely happening this morning.  My mom came to me again.  I know some will think it my imagination but I am sure it wasn’t and it was a nano-second brief. But as much as I believe we are NOT under any circumstances to try and contact those who are gone (i.e. the occult and such) I do believe God sometimes lets them pass over and see us.  Anyhow the few times I have had visitors from heaven it has always been in a dream.

But not this time.  This morning around 6:30 my mom called my name.  It was clear as a bell I heard her voice say my name!  Just as though I were sleeping in the bed next to her.  I think I should have gotten up then.  I have been a horrid habit of over sleeping and there I was this morning mom came to wake me up and I still did not get up!

Anyhow it was a lovely nano-second.  How I love her.

3 thoughts on “June 22, 2016 2”

  1. That’s awesome. Maybe she was trying to give you an extra dose of love?

    My husband’s brother died when he was little. My husband felt so guilty. Then he had a dream. He walked into a class room at his old elementary school. He said he could see, hear, and smell it very clearly. His brother was waiting in the room for him, gave him a big hug (which my husband felt) and whispered “It’s not your fault. I love you into his ear.” He said he could feel the whisper buzzing his ear. He said the hug itself engulfed him with light. He’s made peace from the tragic accident ever since.

    Sometimes I think those who love us are allowed to share their love with us a few more times. Such an amazing experience!

  2. A blessing indeed! She was there for certain! I love it when my sister comes to me – her presence makes me smile and calms me down when I need it most. Peace to you my friend.

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