if i had one wish..i once said that to you with the hope that i would never need it. guess what? i need it. i need that one wish.. because that one wish means everything to me. its the only way i can ever experience ur kiss again.. ur touch..our love.. my heart.. our soul. i can’t believe everything is broken.. it was never ever supposed to be this way. how could u let this happen? u were supposed to be the one.. my forever. u told me urself.. u promised me.. i believed you..i was so content in your words.. those eyes that spoke the universes language to me.. i don’t understand what i am doing here if u are no longer in my life. you were the reason for my existence.. right? i mean.. i know you..i know you because u are me. remember the way we loved each other? how could u forget? i can never forget.. it haunts me. u took my air.

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