Sexual frustration

it seems like in 2016 sex is still a taboo topic. Everyone is so quick to put a label on something  and judge someone for something they know nothing about. Some people like to be plain and follow a straight line because that’s what they feel is right or what their religion tells them. Others like to take an off road course try new and different things ” you don’t know you like it till you try it right” . But it’s the people that try these different things that get labeled as kinky, weird, fetish, gay, strange and it’s not fair. Some people like to walk through the park for exercise others like going downhill on a bike with no breaks, both are exercise but it’s not taboo to talk about downhill racing. It’s 2016 people lets talk about sex like we do food, music, work, sports, it’s ok the handcuffs have a key:)

4 thoughts on “Sexual frustration”

  1. I think it’s an age thing. I’ve never had issues talking to any of my friends about sex. We talk about it so casually, like it was the weather. Something about people age 21-26, they are just so much more free with their sexuality. I’ve even been to sex shops with friends on a casual day trip. We go to book stores, cafes, and sex shops all in the same day as if it was just another natural, mundane part of our lives. We help each other pick out toys, gadgets, lingerie. One friend I have a running competition with to see who can keep the most diverse sex toy collection. She has me beat for now. But we talk about it like we were collecting gourmet coffee or videogames. “The handcuffs have a key,” is damn good advice, I’ll be sure to remember that next time some close minded virgin feels the need to make a comment on my Amazon wishlist!

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