It’s been a long day. Good, but long. I tried to cram as much in as I can since I’m working the rest of the week. Blindingly bright sunshine woke me up at 7 am whilst The Man snored his face off. I made myself coffee and played around with this SIMS BUILDIT game I’m into at the moment.

Tyrion strolled in to the bedroom and decided to nuzzle The Man’s neck and ears… so he didn’t get as much sleep as he probably should have. The thing about Tyrion is that no matter what he does, it’s impossible to be mad at him.

After The Man left for work, it was just me and the kids (and the cats). Deedee and BoBo wanted to go to the library. I picked up a book too while I was there.

We came home, ate dinner. Afterwards DeeDee, Snoochie, and I went for a walk. Once it was dark I busted out some sparklers and we played around with those. It was fun.

We’ve managed to keep Andy and Jake separate all day. Secretly, I love having Andy in my room. He always wants to right near me. He’s licking my feet as I’m writing and it tickles like crazy. I love the little looks he throws me or his ridiculously high pitched “Mew”. 

Guess that’s all for now. I’m just my family is so awesome. I love them and cherish them so much!

2 thoughts on “Sparklers”

  1. Awe…it sounds like such a lovely family summer day! Good for you. And packing in all you can since you have to work the rest of the week. I need to learn to do that! On my day before work week all I really want to do is sleep!
    Love this entry so homey, cozy, family, made me feel joyful inside. Hugs.

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