The journey continues…..

So I’m on a journey of getting my life back to normal,or on the right path I should say. I’ve been riding a bicycle for about 2 weeks now. I don’t have my car at the moment so the bike is my only means of getting around. I love every minute of riding it. That’s all I think about when I get up and ready is “when can I ride the bike and go see the world and live in the now”? I see a lot of things most people shouldn’t see or don’t wanna see, but those are the joys of my life, I love seeing weird or unusual things. One thing that bothers me though is when I’m trying to cross and I have the right away. People don’t really pay attention to people on bikes and I almost got hit by some guy the other day he could see I was waiting for the light to change I was right next to him. So he decides to turn as I’m getting ready since I have the right. He honked his horn at me like I was in the wrong. I’m seeing the world in a new perspective now since I’m riding a bike more and not driving. People don’t pay attention to pedestrians and people on bikes. The one thing that gets me and I’m guilty of this too but pulling to far up on the crosswalks. Then they give you the dirty looks like you’re in the wrong for crossing the street or you’re some kind of bum who don’t have a car. I’ve never gave anyone that look. The look I usually when I pull up to close to the crosswalk is the “oh shit, I’m sorry please don’t hate me look”, lol. One thing I wish there was more of is sidewalks.It makes riding so much easier. I hate riding in grass or on people’s lawns. I’m just weird about that. Well that’s my rant and a part of my journey so far. Hoped you enjoyed this, lol.


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