Tuesday, June 21st, 2016, 11:43pm, home

I worked at Immigration court all day. JLA. Detained individual in the morning and masters in the afternoon.  Then I went to HPER. I meditated for 10 minutes and then did a little over half of my Jessie’s Girls work out. I ran out of time.  I had already signed up and paid for Susi’s yoga class.  It was amazing. Trance-like once again.  I want it everyday.  Then I met Laura for dinner at Via Farina.  It was okay. I started out with the shaved brussle sprout salad and the fried cauliflower. Meh.  The smells of the other food were so intoxicating that I decided to order some gf pasta too.  Bad idea.  It was just like the pasta I had at the Italian restaurant in Orange Park two months ago.  And the sauce was too salty.  I ate half and took the rest home to Gabe.

Laura and I went to NP Dodge and did jar spells on ourselves.  It was great. So many bugs but the candles on the river bank were pretty amazing.

I’m not going to send the book.  I can’t be sure that it would send the right message.  Also, he has left me alone, which is good. So I need to do the same. It’s not fair to expect someone to leave you alone and then bug them.  Also, the message came through loud and clear today that I need to let go. That’s the path I need to continue down.

I didn’t eat too bad today.  Two salads. Two packets of cashew butter, the food at Via Farina and the remains of a bag of cashews I found in the glove compartment while looking for a lighter. 😉

May I be my highest self.

May I be healed.

May I let go of that which no longer serves me.

May I have self-discipline

May I be protected from harm.

May I have emotional balance and emotional well-being.

May I find my life partner.

May I have wealth.

May I have many travels.


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