June 23 2016 1

I feel the discontent growing within me.  I need to, I must guard against it.  Basically I’m just so completely worn out.  I thought this morning on the drive in my body feels like it is filled with lead.  Just heavy and unmoveable.  The thing is thinking about this…harboring these thoughts is not helping my situation any.  I need to think perky! Energetic!  Can do attitude!  Because for several more years (4, maybe 5) I MUST can do. 

Lately I’ve been filled with envy for all my friends who don’t work.  And basically the vast majority of them are retired or semi-retired and here am I working full time plus! ( I need wine to go with my whine 😉 )

I find my mind going back to the house wife days when my son was about 10,11…etc.  Summer time free and easy and going places and doing things and swimming pools and ragtops and trips!  The silly thing is I am so totally exhausted even if I were not working the first thing I would want to do is sleep!

This morning I came into work with that all over aching again, a killer headache and a queasy tummy.  Fortunately some tylonol and a caffeine pill kicked most of the pain so I feel a little better.

So anyhow play time over, back to work…doing 11 hours today and tomorrow…which means I’ll get home around 9:30. 

I CAN DO THIS…perky! Energetic?  And so it goes.  🙂


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