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I like this PathDaily thingy. My thoughts turned like came out from professionals.

Refer to that quote above, I know it is amazing to have parents as friends. Well I don’t. But they have been caring enough while raising three of us. Recently I like to tell my Dad about my work and plans.

You might feel a little bit awkward. Because daughter tends to share with her Mom. But for me, I like sharing with Dad because he does not like to judge that quick. He understands I am an adult, he gives some advice though in the end he will let me taking decision.
I see them as guide. They taught me many many things and there comes a time where me, will have to do anything by myself. When I started to know which is right and wrong (for me). Not afraid of taking chances, not afraid of failing.

I am thanking them for things they have done. I want them to stay with me forever, if I could. So anytime I need guidance I will just look for them. But hard fact that all of us should accept, our parents won’t be forever living with us. We can’t just cry our hearts out when problems come so that they will comfort us, by telling “everything will be OK”. Yes, that magic words make us feel safe because we have someone to lean on.

So what will you do when their time has come?

I chose to find a life partner. A guy who will stand by me, no matter what. He has to love me that hard until he is able to commit himself attached to me, one and only. He will hold my hand when I am down, help me to rise. A lover is not enough to me. I need a partner to spend my life with. A partner that will tell me “everything will be OK” and I will feel safe, just like when my parents told me.

In return? I will do the same, of course. If he could pamper me, I would do the same. If he love me right, surely we will fight for life. 

Every girl is trying to find the perfect guy. Some of you maybe wanting him to do things that he did when he was chasing you. To me, you are demanding for something unreal.
Relationship has few stages. I know the most romantic and the most memorable is the moment when guys are chasing you to be their girls. Butterflies in our tummy, fast-beating hearts, blushing cheeks, texting all day long and so on. First stage. 

As the time goes by, we will know each other further. Bad and good things happen. He might controls you to not do this. Squeeze your circle with other guys. He won’t give you sweet surprises, and he also might looks careless and not prioritize you like he did when he met you for the first time. Everything will turn like a habit. And slowly, we will face boredom. We start to wonder, “Does he really love me?”

I have been there, trust me. With guy whom I am dating now, somemore! Before you wonder about his feeling towards you, try to ask yourself. Are you really in love with him? Have you lessen your own ego for him? What makes you want him to stay beside you? Have you treated him exactly like how you want him to treat you?
I believe girls want romantic guys. But despite of it, many things we need to look at. Most important is when you are down. Will he pull you up? Will he calm you when you are crying like a little girl? Does he listen to your complaints? Did he apologize after those fights?

I am looking a figure that makes me feel secure. This guy won’t harm me. He won’t betray me. He will protect me. I need someone to do silly things, ie.: acting like kids, do wild-crazy and spontaneous stuffs, and just laugh stupidly. Not forgetting he needs to be wise and mature as well. He has to follow me, what? I am a random person. I want my partner be like, “OK let’s go!” if I asked him to go find ice cream at midnight.
Luckily now I am able to act silly yet mature towards him. :p

OK back to the stages. Do not get trapped with the first stage. When boredom comes, do not seek the excitement of this f**king stage with new guys. Well, unless you want to keep searching for your whole life. Searching for true love that you have been dreaming of. Someone who will do anything to keep you.

In fact, you need to change the mind. Your true love can not be found like a treasure. You need to create it with your partner, together. You don’t hope people will do anything for you, if you don’t do same thing for them. And don’t get deceived by “falling in love” stage as how ideal relationship should be.
You will end up no where, but stuck in changing guy from one to another. Until you get older and you will run out of time. Time to make up your mind~

Anyway, I am not telling you it would be easy but make sure this person is worth it. Me also still learning. One little thing that I like about my first stage was he did ask me to be his companion (not girlfriend) in his life journey. I never shared that I am looking for same thing. Haha! It does sound better than “Would you be my girl” to me.
Life is never stop teaching, you know. Find your life companion and stay young forever!! 🙂

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