My Jacob

My 14-year-old grandson, Jacob, has discovered a new game (actually a very old game probably no longer in print).ASAP.  He loves it!  He is so funny.  In the game you turn over a card which has one letter on it.  Then you have to come up with a word starting with that letter that fits the category on the board.  For tools (yesterday) he shouted out AXE —-for A.  He got Kite for K and for colors that start with G he immediately said “Green and grey.”  He is so good at this game!  He is developmentally delayed, in a special needs class at school, so I am so proud of him participating in this game with the grown ups and doing so well!  He won (of course).  Some of us were a little slow to answer the question (smile).  It was a wonderful afternoon at my mom’s.  I love my family so much!  Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. I have never heard of this game. That sounds like so much fun. Your grandson sounds like he is having so much fun playing that game. The more he plays the more he will learn retain that information. How wonderful that you took the time to play with him. I’m sure he really enjoys being with you because you take the time to play with him.

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