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I need prayer.  The people at the nursing home are really enjoying the music I play on Sunday afternoons, and they have started coming out of their rooms into the Day Room to listen and they compliment me!  It makes me nervous.  I am delighted of course; but I have performance anxiety really badly.  I feel I need to learn new songs and have a good repertoire (sp?) for them.  I very much want to please them.  They have so little enjoyment in their lives.  I am trying to play Happy Days are here Again, As time goes by, and You put a song in my Heart, from a fancy Songbook that has lots of weird chords that make these songs sound great.  I have also learned part of The Entertainer by ear, and can play that.  Otherwise I play hymns, take requests, etc.  I don’t want to be nervous.  They are not judging me, they are so appreciative.  I also feel I cannot skip a Sunday, they are watching for me now because we’ve been coming almost every Sunday forever just to visit. We added the music about 5 weeks ago.  I do get so nervous. But their positive response is so rewarding.  They ask me “Please come again next week!”  So I try.  It’s a beautiful experience.  After I play I go around and shake hands and love on the people, talk with them and occasionally pray with them.  The opportunity to do this is a gift from God.  So I will pray for less nerves.

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  1. Definitely sending calming vibes (prayers) your way. Can I make a silly suggestion? Mediation is a great way to clear your mind of stress and anxiety. I’d give it a try before you head to the nursing home on Sundays. It’s a prayer… without being a prayer. Instead of focusing on things to talk with God about, let your mind go blank.

    That’s so sweet of you to visit and play music for the residents. I’m willing to bet you could make 100’s of mistakes and they would still be thrilled to hear you play for them.

  2. I love you for this! The old people are so special to me. I was telling a friend last night I hate it that I have literally no time to volunteer or visit.
    I too will send calming prayers and I KNOW you are doing fabulously and you are following where God sends you.
    I love Goddess suggestion of meditation, how instead of talking to God you let your mind go blank (so hard I’m not sure I’ve ever achieved this) but I’m thinking if we could let our minds go blank then maybe He could fill the blank with His message.

  3. Thank you both my dear friends. I will try the meditation idea. It sounds so restful!
    Knowing you all will be praying will help me too……a LOT! (smile)

  4. Don’t be nervous, just enjoy going and playing your music. They will love listening to your. You will bring such joy into their lives. You will touch a memory for them when you play your music. They will listen and you will make them remember a happy moment in their lives when they first heard a song you are playing.

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