On The Docket

It’s hump day, but in reality for me it’s my work week Monday. Ugh. I am too young to be counting down for retirement. 

More importantly on Friday, it is Snoochie Von Boochie’s birthday. She’ll be a whooping 11 years old. My tiny preemie baby is going to be 11 and in middle school. Time goes too fast. I know I can never get it back, those moments of her youth I wasted selfishly. That’s why I make every moment count now. Can’t look back. Live in the here and now, enjoy the moment, make happy memories.

On the downside we have to postpone the New Orleans trip. Bummer. It’s my own fault though. As a loud, proud crazy cat lady I’ve got to do right with my kitties. Toothless’s steroids suppress her immune system and I just can not take a chance with health. The kennel idea stresses me out, never mind the actual cat. I don’t trust anybody to come two times a day to administer her meds (she’d hide anyways). With the whole re-introduction thing going on with Jake and Andy – this trip might be a huge step back. I don’t think it’s a good time.

Instead we will go on a bunch of day trips, Tallulah Gorge, Huntington Beach, Kings Dominion. That should keep us busy and happy!

New Orleans will have to wait


2 thoughts on “On The Docket”

  1. You’ll have another chance to go to New Orleans, for sure. You made a good decision about not leaving the cats. Those short trips can be so much fun, less stressful, too. I hope you have a wonderful summer with your family including the cats. (smile)

  2. Ha…once again Saved and I are thinking alike. (Maybe I’m her evil twin, bahahahaha) but yeah and your daughter is only 11 so she can enjoy a family trip for several more years now. At this point you can do right by the cats, enjoy the day tripping and who knows maybe save up more for New Orleans or whatever…win-win-win! Anyhow you would NOT have had a good time worrying about poor toothless. And we all know if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

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