Hi ! Its me Rin ^^

Don’t you ever think that you will lost the on that love you the most ? The time when you don’t have anyone else even though your family,the person always be by your side.

I know someone that I been in relationship with.His name is Ken.Actually I don’t have any interest to be in relationship with him but he look so happy to be in relationship with me so I think its okay.
We been in relationship in a long time.He is very kind to me.When I chat with him,I feel comfortable and safe.He treat me so well . Our relationship went very well at that time

Until one day,I want to break up.He look disappoint and keep asking why.I say that our religion are different so it kind of difficult to keep in touch.But he keep saying that he can take care of it and keep asking people why I’m going to break up with him.At that time,he was so cute until I laugh though.He really cute.Haha.So I think he really royal in our relationship.I realise that he take it serious while I just think that the relationship was just a joke.

Oh I didn’t tell you.Every time we end our conversation,he will send me,

‘I Love You,babe’

He will never miss even once to say that.I never say I love him even once.

Now we lost contact.I can’t chat him again until now.I still working on to find him again.I hope that the time can be rewind and I want to take every second our time when we chat together wisely.Now I know that I didn’t take the relationship as a joke but as a serious one.

Now I regret


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