The love that never died

keeplovealiveComplexity as I delve into the cavernous tunnels of my mind. I struggled and therefore what seemed as what I could only describe as eternal writers block was a blocked canal where a gaping hole near my heart once was. My tear ducts refusing to give out. Soiling my clothes, palms wetter than a riverbank as I lay there praying for peace, serenity and all that could silence the seas. No more was I supposed to suffer but my thoughts wouldn’t let me be. I was a prisoner in my own cell. Hell was all inside as I searched for compromise. I felt it was unfair to leave a mystery where it was once exploring grounds, but you become unfair once you feel that saying that it’s over was a cop out and all you are left with is screams and laying awake until you want to rage. Time couldn’t heal me so just say rest in peace to my emotions and let everything overflow. I knew better but I played with fire and that fire turned into widespread wild flames. I couldn’t describe it as something I regretted, but something I wanted to forget and then when I arrived I realized that I was remembing you and it all made sense for one split second, then it shattered back into my thoughts only to become sweet blissful oblivion. Yeah, I felt that and no words could possibly rewrite it in the way I felt it, but since you know that love is ignorant then you know that it can be taught again

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