The thoughts when I’m on my journey.

So, riding my bike last night I had a thought. I’ve always thought this, but it’s really sinking in now. I’ve never really hung out with people my own age. Like, the same age as me. Usually they are 5 or more years older than me. Or, they are younger than me. When I was teen hanging out with my friends, I wouldn’t hang with them the whole time. It was usually their parent who I chilled with. I made some good bounds with the parents, some are still in my life, some are not due to the fact they moved or just like everyone else they are way to busy with work and other things. I also thought how I never wanted to hang out with my mom or dad when I was with him for visitations days from the divorce, but I would sure as hell hang out with other people’s parents. As I grew older, I made friends who was in their late 20’s, while I was still a baby on their eyes, like I was late teens early 20’s. I had a few friends my age just a few but I didn’t like how they acted. They always acted up in some way. Like when I was with the older friends they was more chill. I loved that it was nice to have intelligent conversations.Some things went over my head and, of course they had to dumb it down for me but, they had no problem doing it. They took me under their wing and guided me. I feel that’s what I do when I hang with the younger friends I have. I teach them the ways so they don’t fuck up like most of us have. Some listen, some don’t, but hey, we all learn some way or other, am I right?!?

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