Work’s A Killer

So I’ve started working at this local parts store about a month ago. Boy has it been hectic. Today’s the 23rd of June, 2016 and I’ve had it. Jobs are so tough to get. I’m still learning. Yet my boss and co-worker thinks it’s ok for me to remember everything in the store just like that. Of course I think it’s fucking ridiculous considering I have no experience in this field. Jeez. Give me a God damn break! And don’t even start with the little bitch co-worker I have. She’s getting on my nerves and leaves me to do everything while she’s out having lunch and who knows what else, for 2 or more hours. It’s so unfair. She’d make me answer the phone and do everything while she sits her bony ass on the chair doing nothing. Problems? Oh sure, I’m there now so she leaves me to it. What the fuck. I also hate customer service. What am I doing here? 🙁

2 thoughts on “Work’s A Killer”

  1. Ah sweetie…what you are doing there is earning your way until you find somewhere else. And what you are doing here is venting, which is your stated purpose. Good luck! You need a hot fudge sundae after work and a long hot bath. 🙂

  2. Keep doing what you do earnestly and everything will be fine. You are getting paid for the things you do.

    If you work you earned your pay. If she doesn’t work, your coworker, she never going to get anywhere she will stay there, and there forever.

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