Alright, so I haven’t watched the TV series yet. I only got lucky because a friend gave me this book.

What would you do if someone you knew (or/and loved) had died and then returned…years later? Not as a zombie, though. They returned as solid, human beings – with flesh, bones, blood…everything.

How would you feel if they returned from the dead, still the same as the last time you’d seen them…but with old memories and no recollections on how they’d passed away?

That’s the whole idea of this book. Instead of showing how creepy it is, the possibility of seeing your dead loved ones – either a family member, a romantic partner, or a friend – would give anyone mixed emotions and such indescribable dread.

What would you do if your twin sibling had died four years ago and returned to find that – of course – you’d already grown four years older while they remained the same? How would you feel if your once deceased lover had come back to learn that you were counting down to your wedding to someone else? Who would you choose?

How would you deal with that? Would you be suffering from faith crisis?

That possibility would indeed be frightening and depressing beyond words.

Thankfully, it’s only fiction…



the returned

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