Day 118 – Dreams

Thursday, June 23rd 2016

I had the most amazing lucid dream this morning. Usually when I know I’m dreaming, I take action without thinking, but the control I had in this dream was incredible. For a few minutes, I had my own world where I could create whatever I want. I’m always so fascinated with dreams. I mean, at some point I tried to teleport somewhere, but ended up in a wheat field with a beautiful castle in the distance and a car where YouTubers came out of (PewDiePie from 2012, Dan and Phil and CaptainSparklez who hated me for some reason). I just find it amazing your brain can create this world without you thinking of creating it. Sometimes when I lucid dream and my brain would make up this beautiful view, I find myself just watching it, talking to someone how incredible it is that your brain can create such a thing without you. I always end uo talking to someone about how lucid dreaming is incredible to someone when I’m lucid dreaming, and I also ask them “Are you dreaming?” when I know they’re not and just a part of my imagination, yet hope they’re actually the real person also dreaming.

On another topic, I didn’t do all that much today. I played some video games, walked the dog and started learning Japanese! I can pronounce romanji for the most part and I’m learning how to write in hiragana. I like it so far and although kanji looks threatening, I feel like I can still pull through.

Thats all for today.

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