Friday June 24th, 1:44pm. Home.

I forgot to write the last two nights. Too tired I guess. Wednesday I mostly just cleaned the house all day.  I cleaned the new kitchen island I got from Maeve.  Belisia came over from 2-3 for our weekly meeting.  It actually felt comfortable for the first time.  Gabe and I had some good chats as a result.  We played headbands.  After she left I left to go to NG because we were out of toilet paper. On the way I saw that a firetruck had crashed through the wall of the art gallery on 16th & Leavenworth where Elisabeth and I had gone to her CSArt party a few weeks ago.  I stopped and took pics.

I rode my bike down to NT to teach my classes.  Nobody showed up for hammock so I went and rode my bike down and around all the CWS activities.  It was a nice ride. Sweaty but fun. Lots to see.  

Thursday I had movi/jabber in the morning. No calls. I just sat here watching the OJ Simpson docuseries on ESPN.  Then I went to immigration for my afternoon shift. Turns out that Marty H. had no-showed for the morning and showed up for the afternoon instead.  He was already down in detained interpreting so Bruce dismissed me.  I went to HPER and worked out.  Then I met up with Suzi H. and we went to the mindfulness room and I taught her how to meditate.  I was driving down Leavenworth to meet up with Chelsea downtown and saw B driving the opposite direction.  :/

Chelsea and I walked around a bit and then we went to Bart V.’s opening at the Garden of the Weird Heads.  It got SO packed so soon that we had to flee.  We walked down to the CWS activities because I wanted to try the Escape room. No one was at the booth.  I got some food from a Truck and then we started walking back to downtown when we ran into cute, high-ropes Mike and his friend Riley.  We chatted for a minute and then parted ways. Chelsea got a text from Kate A. That she and some others were at local so we went and met up with them. Kaylie, John D. and Cute-Connor the barista were there too.  Pretty soon we saw Mike and Rylie walking toward Local so we asked them to join us.  Another woman named Hannah showed up and joined us too. It was such a great time. Every one was so friendly and demonstrated great social skills.  We had some great laughs.  And we all agreed that the ice water tasted like french fry grease.

This morning I taught yoga to Nancy M., Lisa C., and some other ladies at the CO2 building. It was fun. Especially having Louie, the french bulldog as my teaching assistant.  Gabe and I went to Target and got him a new bike. I’m getting ready to head to the gym now. 


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