June 24 1

 So flipping tired.  I was dozing off.  Took a caffeine pill and I think it might have begun to kick in…thank goodness. I have four more hours here!  UGH.  Three on OT and one regular.  So I’ll type this up fast, fast and then get back to it. 

It does seem like I’m so tired has become my theme.  But I can’t turn down overtime.  Well I don’t work as much as we are allowed, 15 a week mon-Fri…I can’t quite make it.  This week I worked 10.  TGIF.

I know this is snide but sometimes I amazed at what my co-workers do not know.  One of them hollers out do we know how to spell facetious?  Except she pronounced it so weird it took three times for me to know what she was saying…she had NEVER heard that word before.  Ditto vehemently.  Were these girls born under rocks?

And probably of more importance why does that make me so irritated and annoyed?  Oh well whatever.  Highs in the mid-80s today which is nice, quite nice.  Gonna be hotter tomorrow.  Nothing on my docket after working at my bro office sat. a.m./afternoon.  Actually I am planning a very long nap and then maybe spending the rest of the weekend in bed with netflix! Such ambition!

Okay well back to true crime…another homicide statement. At least I finally finished my 19 jail phone calls (they too were a homicide case)  Ugh, this job is getting dreary, I could use a break.

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