Miracles… kitty babble

Okay, okay. Maybe “miracle” is a bit of a stretch, but I love all the little happy happenings and lumping them into extraordinary events in my mind. We all wait for these “big things” but actually miss so much awesomeness during the wait.

Today I gave Jake & Andy lunch together. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other since their big blow out on Sunday. Andy goes nutty for food so I figured an extra bit of fancy feast would sooth his fear about Jake attacking him. I put Tyrion in my room so no kitten could ruin the moment. Toothless likes being “served” so she didn’t bother to interrupt this reunion. They happily ate side by side and when they finished…. no fighting!!! Jake sniffed Andy and that was that. I didn’t bother to separate them again.

I just got home from work and (the cliche drum roll please) Jake has yet to attack Andy. Yay! I’m so pleased. They’re both hanging out on various pieces of furniture in the living room relaxing like all the cool cats do. I had been mentally preparing myself for this too take a few months to fix, so I’m over the moon these brothers can be in the same room again (not that I mind Andy hanging out in my room).

It’s kind of a nutty dream, but when I retire I’d like to own / run a cat sanctuary. A non profit place that cares for cats and helps them to find appropriate homes. I hate hearing about how people just dump their cats or really don’t understand the nature of cats. I once read about a lady who was probably just de-stressing, but she was complaining about how horrible her cat was – how it peed outside the liter box, how it woke her up, how it scratched her furniture, etc. Reading her comments, I read between the lines. Before taking on said kitty she didn’t realize cats will NOT pee in a dirty liter box. If you use heavy duty bleached based cleansers they will continue to see outside the box. Peeing out of the box usually indicates a medical problem. Cats are nocturnal and they nap a lot. They can’t understand why we sleep in one long stretch. I “free feed” mine with dry food and they still wake me up! It’s one of the perks of owning one. Yes, they have nails and they scratch. Sometimes it indicates they are stressed. Give them plenty of places to allow them to let their claws unwind. In my house we have multiple scratching posts…. and my box spring. I don’t buy expensive furniture just so I can freak out when they treat it roughly.

Cats are not easier to care for than dogs. It’s just a different level of care. I’ve always loved animals. I’ve had dogs, rabbits, fish, birds, hamsters, lizards, etc. My kids love living in a cat friendly house. Technically, Jake is Deedee’s, Andy is Snoochie’s, Tyrion is co-owned by The Man, Bobo, and me, and Toothless is for all of us.

Originally… Toothless was Deedee’s cat, but since DeeDee has Aspie’s she separates herself. Her love for Toothless has not diminished because of the cancer diagnosis, but I could see her making a wall to hide the hurt she felt. The answer came in the form of Jake, who was originally mine. Also, because we all know we have to say goodbye – Bobo and Snoochie wanted to have Toothless “be theirs” too. We all love her and adore her in our own ways.

I guess that’s enough of the cat rant, huh?


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