Dancing Queen

After days of putting off making the decision of whether to go out or not,  I finally decided I needed to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people and let loose. 

It was the best decision. The night was amazing. I usually rely on other people to have fun like my best friend, she’s my dancing buddy, which means that without her i don’t do anything by myself but last night i found myself on the dance floor with no one i knew around me and i was having the time of my life. Okay to be completely honest i did have a couple of drinks to help boast the confidence but still it was all me and i love it. 

After days of feeling so low and trying to avoid the world and those closest to me it felt so good to be dancing and not caring about a single thing, well there was a fight in the toilet and i was not dumb enough to think these girls were sober enough to know who they were going to punch next, so i just hid in the toilet while security kicked them out.. but i have never been so comfortable with myself to dance and not care was people think and i did it tonight, i never want to forget this feeling.

By 2am the club lights came on and it was time to go and my God the night or i should say morning was like living in Antartica, winter definitely made it clear it was here, so we headed off for a feed at Mac Donalds of course and to drop everyone off home by the time we got home it was 4:30am and i was dead tired this cold made me sleepy like not tomorrow so  it was off to bed.

My night was incredible, it was just what i needed to give me a chance to reflect and realise i don’t need to rely on other people to have fun, i need to be more confident in me and trust that if i want to do something i can.. 

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