Day 119 – Gaming

Friday, June 24th

Today was relaxing yet slightly annoying.

I finally started gaming properly again. Using the steam gift card my brother gave me at my birthday, I got a really good deal during the summer steam sale that’s currently going for a game called This War of Mine. It’s a survival game where you have to survive until day 40 I believe, with characters that have different strong points and weak points. You also have different weather conditions and your goal is to scavenge materials to survive and if desperate, steal from other survivors, but that can cause sadness, then depression and then “broken”, where the character does nothing but sit there until they get better, which is usually between 2-5 days, and 1 day (and night) in this game can change your whole plan of survival. It’s very fun; so far I have only gotten up to about day 16. I’m used to the first 3 characters (Pavle, the good cook and the one that’s good at bargaining in trades), so I’ll try beating the game with them first.

We kept losing power and at some point lost power until we went asleep. It was so hot in our house without air-conditioning, that I dreamed of hell. Not kidding.

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