Friday June 24th, 11:34pm, home

Whenever I lie down in bed to go to sleep for the night I always have a flashback of the last dream I had before I woke up.

My contacts have been driving me crazy. As soon as my twelve hour allergy pill runs out, many left eye fills with goop.

Meditation was strange today. I noticed I had judgements about my thoughts and a lot of emotion came up as well. Both of those were firsts.

I went to midtown crossing to see what this “the pool” is all about. It was kinda dumb. It was too light out so you couldn’t even see the lights on the disks. I Snapchatted it and then decided to walk up Farnam. I went into Farnam House and had two small salads. They were soooo good! Saw Roberto. Then I walked up to archetype and waited outside for Chels. Michelle M. walked by And we talked. Chels and I went to Larkin’s Parkin to take Tim’s soap back to the lab. That places was super creepy. It was quite the adventure. Then we walked around Benson and talked. I got some cake bites from infusion and Chels got rounders from Localmotive. They were stuffed with egg. I tried a bite of one; it was so yummy. We walked and talked some more. We stopped in to Jake’s little convenient store for bottles of Perrier and said hi to Jo-el. It was fun.



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