When love and thoughts collide

It’s been a couple of weeks since the two of us talked, I know there’s some thing that would never be the same between the two of us because of your needing hand and mine is full of pain.
Im sorry I can’t explain how it came to this but please take me back to the night we first meet. It was beautiful saturday night with my mojito and yours are beer, We’re sitting in the corner like there’s nothing around us, ignoring the world for awhile and focused on the two of us. Can i take back to the time we’re like best friends? The time that we’d stay up all night Talking, the time that full of joy and there’s no such pain, before the time that I realized there’s not much to gain but so much to lose and why when I thought everything seems so perfect but now we end up like this?
That now that I feel everything we talked are gone, Is it really my only way is to let you go?
Can you hear me? because i don’t want this. Set you free and fall into my history. Can we try To take it back before we went wrong,before your heart decided that it’s time to fall out of love again.

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