Had my first official night at work on Thursday. Well technically Friday morning since I started after midnight. It was hot, sweaty, physically demanding work. I enjoyed it, even though by the time I was done my entire body hurt, ached, and was sore. I like my job, just don’t like that schedules in my house aren’t very conducive for me and my hours. I’m not going to be able to get much sleep, so not sure how well this is going to work. I plan on sticking it out as long as possible, or until there isn’t a need for me to work. I’m hoping everything works out so that I can continue to work as long as possible.

Since I’ve started working I haven’t been able to do some things that my Master has required me to do. He hasn’t said anything to me about disobeying his orders, I’m hoping he is just being understanding to my situation. I have a feeling I’m still going to be punished, which I will accept. I know that when I disobey there will be ramifications, that is to be expected. 

My Master has been very kind, patient, and understanding but I also know he will only tolerate so much. I’m not disobeying him deliberately, that I would never do. I hope he understands that, that he takes into consideration my circumstances. I hope he trusts and knows that I am 100% committed and devoted to him, that I want and need to please him. 

I know that once I am adjusted to my new job and get into a routine things will be easier for me. I will be able to do as commanded and to please Master on a daily basis.

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