Day 120 – Plans

Saturday, June 25th 2016

I need to pull myself away.

All I have been doing lately is playing This War of Mine. In the game, I can have all the food in the world, but die of no defense against raids at night, or I can have all the defense in the world, but die of starvation. Or I can have both, and the team will leave out of brokenness and disagreement agaisnt each other. This game difficult.

I tried playing another set of characters (the one good at bargaining, the handyman and Arica), which is much harder than the other set, because you have to make sure you don’t die of cold, plus I thought the winter was going to last all game, so I didn’t get ready for the no snow supply preventing you from getting water until you build something with the little resources you have. I need to formulate myself a game plan. I could look online, but I always do that. I want to try this on my own.

I need to start practicing drawing and continue learning Japanese (I only know the “a”s in hiragana). I made myself a schedule until I start working (if I start working). It consists of 2 hours per day of art practice and 1.5 hour of Japanese practice. The rest will go to any gaming or whatever I’d like to do; speaking of which, I should start practicing painting soon. I forgot about that, but I want to practice art first and then once I found my style on paper, bring that to the computer (it’s so hard to draw with a tablet, I think I need one where you draw on the screen and not on the tablet and having to look up at your monitor, cause I have NO control over my pen when it comes to digital art) and finally start that YouTube I dreamed of for so long.

If you’re wondering, I didn’t forget to write my entry yesterday, we lost power (someone broke something trying to repair it, making me re-do parts of This War of Mine, cause you can’t save—it automatically saves once a new day starts), and it only came back in the middle of the night, so I couldn’t write my entry.

My mom told me my grandmother is now part of the church’s staff and desires for the younger people there to give their suggestions of how to attract youth at our church through social media. First thing I thought : YouTube. Most people’s TV now (including me) is YouTube, so we should have videos of a few of the services or short videos showing what activities we do at the church. It’s definitely a way to grab attention and update on what’s going on at the church. Apparently the website and Facebook has been static for years and they’re not doing anything with it, cause the person in charge refuses to give the password to anyone (why?!?!), so YouTube is definitely an idea, and because I plan on starting a channel, I can give tips on making a good video out of everything I gathered.

That’s all for today.

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