Forgive,flip the page & let go..

How do we forgive? Can we give it so easily and let to forget so fast, especially when we’ve been hurt so much? We cant move on to something if we dont forgive someone who do something awful to us. We will be forever stucked in that phase and think of that mistake too often, that we wont notice that we are doing the same mistake to other person to vent our anger. Sounds silly right? haha But thats the reality.. We can easily say that we have forgiven someone who wronged us but did we really forgive them from our HEART or we just forgive them to say that we just forgive them to end the issue?

Im the type of person who says sorry a lot because of my clumsy nature and often do a lot of mistakes, I know that saying sorry is not enough to make amends especially when I’ve done really awful.. They will say that they’ve forgiven me but after that they will become aloof and cold towards me, so I know that I dont forgive me totally, until I’ve come to a point that I didnt even know on how to approach them anymore. And that will be the start of losing our friendship..(sobs..)


So FORGIVENESS, how will i earn you???

Our Pastor said, that when we choose not to forgive we are under curse, because we are sinning and choosing not to give forgiveness will bring us a lot of bitterness..

So for me being used to say SORRY a lot, i might say that I can forgive easily or maybe i’ve not been that badly hurt.But I know that sometimes our pride is one of the thing thats hindering us to ask or to give forgiveness.



Have a good day everyone..

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