Journal writing


so I have started writing journal once again . In fact , I have accelerated the process by getting online with an online journal writing platform like to isolate stuff online and offline as well. Also, I have started writing a blog after considering the idea a lot many times because hitherto I don’t actually know to properly and efficiently use blogging. However, facilities like journal and blog are quite useful to sharpen one’s creative genius and to enhance their skills in writing in general. Hence, I thought it a better idea  to just get started with online writing platforms despite being the fact that I am not that tech savvy. So even though u may or may not know something but once you get in the arena…. eventually you tend to learn more and more and use the learning to further use as per your convenience. This act of taking things slow and moving on without getting distracted and without much of a bother helps you in achieving what sometimes seems unachievable. So just trust yourself and I can say this with absolute certainty that this method may or may not work for everyone but somehow does if we submit all our beliefs to this one belief that you need to believe you can! Ending it on a happy note like so. 


Signing off

raghav dixit.

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