Just Keep Swimming

First day of online journaling! I felt the need to share my daily life and experiences with others so I figured I would try this out and see how interested everyone is!

I started off my day by sleeping in! I’ve had a such a busy week that I gave myself the morning off. I’d say it’s always healthy to give yourself one lazy day. Just sleep in, make yourself a yummy breakfast (Maybe try that recipe you saw on a Tasty video on facebook), and really enjoy the day for what it is. I like to use these days for personal well-being and development. I try and make fun to-do lists for myself, keyword being fun. Don’t write down a bunch of tasks you know you won’t enjoy and just let them sit on a notepad waiting to be checked off. Write down things you’ve been meaning to do that you’ll actually enjoy. Some of the things on my to-do list were:

  • Get nails done
  • Schedule movie date with Nicole
  • Find places for free yoga in the park
  • Make a new playlist on spotify

Those are just a few examples of something of the tasks on my lazy day fun to-do list.

One of the things I did end up doing right away was scheduling a movie date with my friend Nicole. We have wanted to see Finding Dory for the longest time and we finally found a date and a time! Today at 5pm at the Alpine movie theater in Bay Ridge. I tried to plan ahead and buy our tickets online but of course, those annoying internet fees made me rethink that idea. I then came to realize that the movie was sold out after I had already taken a 1 hour subway ride to the theater :(. But we were determined to see this movie! We quickly found another theater that was about a 30 minute subway ride away and we got there as fast as we could and we made it! We had to pay an extra two dollars for the ticket then Alpine would have charged, but after all of the chaos we had been through, Nicole and I didn’t care. 

After coming out of the movie, I have to say, I was a bit underwhelmed. I loved the storyline, don’t get me wrong, but I wished they would have played up Dory’s personality a little bit more. Every time I watch Finding Nemo, I always end up quoting some of Dory’s funny tag lines for days. But Finding Dory just didn’t do that for me, I didn’t laugh as much as I wanted too. But that being said, the story of Dory (hey, that rhymes!) trying to connect herself back to her parents gives you such a warm fuzzy feeling inside. 

So my day didn’t exactly go as planned with the whole movie theater situation but today I learned that plans will always sort themselves out. You just gotta “keep swimming” as Dory would say. Eventually, it will turn out ok.



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