My Hero?

As it turns out my Date was sabotaged by my ex, not intentionally or maybe it was, either way i didn’t end up going out at all. Instead i stayed home and watched a romantic comedy to torture and feel sorry myself further, because as a girl its only natural to add fuel to the fire. 

I had gone to sleep last night feeling curious of how the night could have gone. What would have happened if i third wheeled on my own date. You see I’m basically best friends with my Ex’s Bestfriend. I know its fucked up, so to give you the back story lets call my Ex Lucifer (an appropriate name) and his/my best friend Marv. 

Throughout the last two years of high school we were the Three Amigos, always together at lunch and any other classes we had, being on teacher patrol when one of us was sleeping, and of course studying together which meant Youtubing the most ridiculous videos from Pimple popping to a girls laugh turning into Godzilla. During this time together i fell for Lucifer, as one often does and for a while we had something going on, it was never official, but i was one hundred percent invested, he on the other hand was window shopping because it turns out he had magically gotten a girlfriend while we were ‘together’. And man did it hurt like a mother fucker. As expected she was Me-plus. Skinner. Prettier. Her farts probably smell like Channel No. 5.  And most importantly she puts out which is something I’m not willing to do unless it feels right. At the end of year 12 its formal time and life was on an all time high for me when, there he was prancing around showcasing Her, and man did she pull off the dress she was wearing. I accepted defeat and lifted my white flag, if i couldn’t have him i at least wanted to be friends and that where the mistake began. Marv loved us as a trio and why wouldn’t he were always laughing and having  good time, so he would make us all go out to eat do some Shisha, anything to keep the gang together, little did he know it was never going to be the same.

On my 19th birthday i decided to go clubbing, after a year of putting off getting my ID i finally obtained it and i was on the mission to have fun. I invited the trio as well as my brothers, girl best friends, and a few other mates to some random club. The tequila shots kept going down the night started looking up, finally the trio was reunited and back in action. The alcohol was showing no signs of stopping because Lucifer was buying and i was a vacuum, one after another they disappeared and Lucifer started to get grabby which i was surprisingly okay with, alcohol had fed my love monster and had woken him up from hibernation, it was feeding time. 
I remember asking him where His girlfriend was and as it turns out she was out of the country, still hurt but as long as she wasn’t here it was fine by me. We made our way to the dance floor the next thing i remember is his lips on mine, the taste of tobacco and tequila, the love monster had hit back with tongue and it was so surreal (Sad confession: This was my first kiss, not my ideal head scenario i had always dreamed of but it was with the guy i liked which at least ticked one box.) Marv saw and looked pretty happy for us, he knew the way i felt about Lucifer and he had seen how Lucifer was with me the only downside was that we were drunk, O and he still had a girlfriend! 
I attempted to get some girl power back and grabbed another guy and made out with him but he didn’t seem to care which just verified everything, he just wanted some action, the alcohol helped block the truth and i was still determined to have fun and all night i spent making out with Lucifer because it was I wanted to do, I liked him so i was going to take advantage of the situation. 

2 weeks later though Marv invited the trio out and i was not keen on going, i was sober and i didn’t want to face him after that night i was trying to forget the whole thing. As we get to the restaurant there She is, his girlfriend, i was having dinner with Lucifer and i was his mistress. One of the most awkward situations of my life, we ate, did some shisha and i listened in on their sex life, Marv could see how uncomfortable i was and was nice enough o apologise. After that night i cut off all communication with Lucifer, that is until last night when Lucifer called.

Even though Lucifer and i won’t communicating, i still kept in contact with Marv. He would call me on his way back home from work or when he was going into gym to check up on me and we would catch up and just laugh at stupid shit. And as of late we had not seen each other in ages so we made an official date, we finally got weirdly close but I’m trying not to make the same mistake, turns out the universe doesn’t want me to either because Lucifer is back.

He called me and asked me if i wanted to go out with the Trio again and just to hang out with Marv i had agreed, but ended up cancelling because it got late, but now i know why. 
Today i messaged Marv to see how the night went, curiousity was killing my cat. He ended up apologising, i wasn’t angry at him, i was annoyed though, i thought he had wanted to get the  trio back together and to not ambush me he got Lucifer to do his dirty work but to my surprise Lucifer had come up with plan all by himself, somehow he still had my number called me organising a hang out. And wait for it he was single again, which explained everything. Marv didn’t call me because he was scared on how i was going to react and with good reason, i have threatened to cut off his balls and sow it on his chin before but this meant i had no idea what was going on. Marv was my hero in disguise, he refused to come and pick me up, he even pretended to not know where i lived just to help me avoid humiliation. He kept on apologising and i wasn’t even mad at him, but its refreshing to have someone look out for me like that, especially since he could have just gone through with Lucifers plan, Im grateful for him. We’ve decided to catch up this week but we’ll see about that, for some reason the universe doesn’t want us to see each other.

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