Sunday night again!

Sunday night again! The weekend seems to go by too fast! Lately I feel overwhelmed with having too much to do! and I only work part time due to health issues. I do feel better during these 8 weeks! I enjoy coming home to the person I love every night and sleeping aside of him and waking up next to him. I don’t spend as much time with my family during this time and they become frustrated! I feel like they don’t understand the situation and don’t know what he means to me and how this time is important to me.

I visited my 77 year old Mom tonight. I see her at least once a week.  I love my Mom so much! I don’t know or want to know what life would be like without her Love. She is the only one who will love me always no matter what! I wish I could make her pain go away. I wish I could afford to help her more financially. I feel like I should be able to do more for her.

Back to work tomorrow … to help people improve the quality of there lives. I like my job a lot! Some people seem to stay stuck … I understand how it is to stay stuck for a long time!  I still feel stuck with; My Faith, Fear, and wanting to lose weight! Maybe a few more … but those are my main stucks!  I try to encourage people and some of those things we are stuck on together … we support each other.

Another week ahead of me … going to try to stay positive …

till next time  …




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