What is love?

What is love? That is the usually question we found in our old slum book when we we’re young… but really, what is the real meaning of love. If we look at the dictionary love has two meaning depends on how we used it.  As noun love is a intense feeling of deep affection but in verb love is a feeling of a deep romantic or sexual attachment in someone.. But for me love is the most meaningful word In this world.

Love is sacrifice to the point that sometimes you need to let go on that someone because you are not his or her happiness anymore even if you don’t want to.

Love is full of excitement that we do things that we thought we can never done in our life.

Love is blind, yes it is blind, it blinded  our sense of right and wrong, it blinded us on how we see or react in something, it blinded us on how we judged something or someone but sometimes it’s our own choice to be blind by love just to see that someone happy. 

Love is mysterious because we don’t know when it will hit us. Did you come long in two person and how they hate each other, fight like more than cat and dog But end up to be together and having a happy family.. you see we didn’t know when the Cupid arrow will strike us and found our righteous one. 

Love is wonderful, Love is happiness, Love is care, Love is great, 


Love is hurt, yes it is hurt to the point that sometimes it change us whether it is good or bad.. it’s hurt to point that we can lose our own self but it is how love supposedly work because love and hurt is like a twins but it’s in the person on how he or she will handle it.

But one thing is im sure about Love, Love is not supposedly selfish, not ostensively  give you an anxiety and most of all love is not fake. 

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