27th June, 2016

I didn’t know what to call the title, I have so much random crap to write! Grandma and Grandpa left – a while ago, actually. I thought i wrote about it!?

I failed my maths test – well, not failed, but 50%, which is a fail? I’m in year 8. I’ll be ok. I think. My dog is whining next door. He is super clingy.

I… don’t know what to write. So much has happened in my life; but i can’t think what. Harry, my crush, i think loves Kalia. Greatttt. Fucking awesome 😒.

He’s just… just… right. Jem called him a dickhead the other day. She’s very fond of that word lately. He’s not though – sweet and funny, he just tries to show off around others. When in english i was sitting with Him (and Hayley), he was the cutest, sweetest guy on earth :).

It’s my birthday tommorow. I want a new phone – but i had a skim through the prezzies ( i know, i know!) and i didn’t see one…

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not too upset. If i do get a phone i don’t think it will be one I like.

I’m feel like I’m losing some friends recently. Nobody has said- but i can feel it. Meh. B and all that.

Oh – My dog just woke from his sleep so suddenly he knocked over the guitar. GREAT.

Ever since i was 6, i wanted to be a doctor. Now i’m moving more into the field of english. No right, no wrong, a hippie job, but I love it <3!! How do you tell your parents your plan is to live on the streets (ok, exaggeration) until insperation strikes (if it ever does) and you get rich (if you ever do!)

Also, my piano exam in on the 4th July. Nerves!!!

Yours, Emzygirl.

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