Dreams Are Better Than Reality

I had the best dream last night. Probably the best one of my life. Granted, I never remember my dreams so this could possibly be shit compared to the others. I’m going to recap it now, but it’s 5:44 pm and I probably forgot all the best parts by now 🙁

So somehow I became best friends with Mitch Grassi. I remember for some reason he had to sleep over at my house, but he was a complete stranger at that point. I don’t even know if I knew him from Pentatonix. But the next morning we got to know each other and all of a sudden we became best friends. My brain portrayed Mitch so perfectly. He was so nice and gave the best advice. I remember he made me so happy and I loved hanging out with him.

Then randomly all of these people were coming to my house. My dream self didn’t question it. People from school and other strangers would just come up to my room and hang out. It was annoying me for some reason. Maybe because I wasn’t able to talk to Mitch more haha. I specifically remember a girl from my school, Maddie, sitting under my desk. She was talking to some guy, I don’t remember who but he went to my school, and was eating an apple. Except she kept spitting bits of the apple out and just throwing them under my desk. So, in an act of bravery, I was like, “Hey, Maddie. What the fuck are you doing?” In real life I would never have said this because she’s like one of the popular people and shit. But my dream self was a badass somehow. Anyway, she gave me a look and just got up and left. I felt so good in that moment because normally I’m such a non-confrontational person.

Of course, half of the people in the room left with her, all giving me dirty looks on the way out. But I just wanted to go find Mitch again. I found him in my garage. He said he should leave because he didn’t want my dad to yell at him. Which is accurate because my dad doesn’t like me talking to any male person (overprotective conservative, remember) and he’s also a raging homophobe. He knows about Pentatonix but he doesn’t know about any of the members. If he found out about Mitch or Scott he would probably tell me to stop listening to them. Which I would never, but I would probably make him think I did.

Anyway, I guess Mitch left. I can’t really remember the rest of the dream. Which is sad because it was probably epic. And I really wish all of it was true. Minus the part with Maddie maybe. She’s actually a generally nice person. But I would absolutely LOVE to have Mitch Grassi as a best friend.


So does this dream symbolize anything? Maybe that all my hopes and dreams will fail because in the end Mitch left? That’s depressing.

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