Illegal Immigrant – A friend’s story

 A very close friend of mine moved to the US with her family in the early 90s when she was in her late teens. She attended college, worked, paid taxes, got married and had kids. 

She is very active in a her community, her church and loves loves living in America. However she is illegal. While her other family members have married Americans or naturalized in someway or another, she is still illegal. 

I really understand both sides of this debate. but how can she move to a country she knows nothing about. Leave her family and all the relationships she has developed all these 20 years to a country she has not step foot in, in decades.

A lot of people here illegally moved here with their families and this is the only home they know. They cry when our nation is attacked, they have kids who they shuttle from one activity to the next. They love everything about his great country of ours. In every sense of the word, they are as american as you and me, but technically they are not. 

I cried with my friend on Thursday, she cried the ugly cry. She cried for dashed hopes, for the fear she has to live with. She cried cause she cannot reach her full potential while living in the shadows. Yes she is here illegally, yes she has choices, she can move her family and kids to some 3rd world country (people live there right). She can! I guess the majority of us are just thankful, it is not our problem to deal with, and illegals are stealing jobs. True. But this is not who we are as a nation. 

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