June 27 2

Ah well just a note about the day…today.  It’s sunny and hot outside.  Well I know it’s sunny and when I got into work at 9:30 it was already sticky.  I’ve been out one time to run across the street for breadsticks.

And now it is finally  a little past 6:00 p.m.  Ah quitting time…well sort of.  I’m sitting here happily eating my deli fried chicken and typing when I realize that time…Overtime has official begun.  Three more hours for me…I’ll head out at 9:00.  Not keen on being here that late, but I have been leaving at 8:30 most nights as we are in the middle of summer and daylight savings time.  Don’t know what I will do in the winter but then we will either be coming in or leaving in dark…or both.  

So back to work…high hopes of doing 15 hours of overtime this week.  I’ve not hit that mark yet but I will keep trying!!

2 thoughts on “June 27 2”

  1. You are a hard worker! I admire you for that. I am lazy. Plus older. Our air conditioning broke yesterday and our house was 85 today; cooling a little now it is 7:00 pm. It’s been a challenging day. We both had dental appointments, and then learned the A/C will cost 4,000, so we had to go to the bank and get a loan. But God has been so good to us , I don’t complain. Everyone has their troubles, for sure.

  2. Yes thank God you were able to get the loan but I know how frustrating that is. Ha, you aren’t lazy…I’m still reading your book. And I was gobsmacked when I found out you were older! Young look so young! 🙂

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